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GreenLaw Sues EPA on Behalf of Sierra Club Citing Clean Air Provisions
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Stephanie Stuckey-Benfield, GreenLaw
GreenLaw Sues EPA on Behalf of Sierra Club Citing Clean Air Provisions
Lawsuit calls for the EPA to review SO2 emissions linked to Georgia coal-fired plants
March 26, 2013 (ATLANTA) – On Monday, GreenLaw filed a suit in federal court on behalf of the Sierra Club claiming the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) failed to meet a statutorily imposed deadline of January 20, 2012 to act on a state regulation that had been submitted for incorporation into Georgia’s Clean Air Act State Implementation Plan.  If successful, the suit will require the EPA to act on Georgia's Regulation 391-3-1-.02(2)(uuu) and a number of pending Title V petitions to the EPA.
Georgia's Rule uuu requires a 95 percent reduction of harmful sulfur dioxide (SO2) from certain coal-fired units in Georgia Power's portfolio.  This harmful chemical compound is linked to bronconstriction and increased rates of asthma.  It has been pending before the EPA since July 2010 without final EPA action. 
The pending Title V petitions allege a number of deficiencies in the operating permits held by Georgia Power’s Plant Hammond and Plant Scherer.  These include insufficient stack testing for particulate matter, insufficient monitoring for SO2, and inadequately detailed provisions addressing hazardous air pollution and fugitive dust.  
“If the EPA were to issue an order granting the petitions, more stringent provisions would be put in place to protect Georgians from harmful air pollution,” said Ashten Bailey, staff attorney at GreenLaw.  “On behalf of the Sierra Club, GreenLaw encourages the EPA to act on Georgia’s State Implementation Plan submittals and our concerns regarding pollution from Plant Hammond and Plant Scherer.”
Click here for a copy of the complaint, which was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.
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