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Name that Bird Contest - Did You Get them Right?

As part of GreenLaw's sabbatical program, Executive Director Justine Thompson spent the summer at the Florida Audubon Center for Birds of Prey.  At the Center, she helped Center staff care for a wide range of raptors common to Florida and Georgia.  Many of the birds that visit the Center are rehabilitated and released back into the wild.  Others have injuries that will not allow them to survive in the wild and have found a home at the Center.  

As she went about her daily duties, Justine had the opportunity to snap up close shots of many hawks, eagles, owls and more!  Photos were posted and many of you were able to test your knowledge of the South's rich avian history by identifying the birds and those who identified the most received prizes including free tickets to our premier Environmental Heroes Event.  The answers to the contest have now been posted. 

Congratulations to Dell McGregor for winning GreenLaw’s Name that Bird Contest. She and a guest will receive two tickets to our Environmental Heroes Event to be held on October 4th. Second and third place winners are Bobby McLendon and Andrew Dreelin who will receive GreenLaw mugs.

More about the Audubon Center for Birds of PreyFounded in 1979 in Maitland, FL, the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey has treated over 12,000 injured or orphaned birds of prey (raptors), releasing more than 40% of these former patients back into the wild. The Center handles the largest volume of eagles, owls, falcons, hawks, and kites east of the Mississippi River--averaging more than 650 admissions of injured, ill and orphaned birds of prey each year —and is a leader among all North American rehabilitation centers for specialized eagle care.

The Center is open to the public so next time you are in Orlando (Maitland is just minutes from Orlando), please make sure to stop by and see all of these wonderful birds.  Check the website for hours and make sure to tell them Justine sent you!

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Swallow Tailed Kites.JPG
Swallow Tailed Kites

Bald Eagle (2).JPG
Bald Eagle
Screech Owl 45.JPG
Eastern Screech Owl
Bird 3
Crested Cara Cara
Barred Owl.JPG
Barred Owl
Screech Owls En Masse.JPG
Eastern Screech Owls
Red Shouldered and Short Tailed Hawks.JPG
Red Shouldered and Short Tailed Hawks
Barn Owl.JPG
Barn Owl
Peregrine Falcon.JPG
Peregine Falcon
Mississippi Kite.JPG
Mississippi Kite
Great Horned Owl.JPG
Great Horned Owl
Red Tailed Hawk.JPG
Red Tailed Hawk
Black Vulture 2.JPG
Black Vulture
Juvenile Red Shouldered Hawks.JPG
Juvenile Red Shouldered Hawk
Juvenile Mississippi Kite (2).JPG
Juvenile Mississippi Kite
Coopers Hawk.JPG
Coopers Hawk
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